Police Officer at deskThe Investigations Division consists of adult and youth investigations, staffed by investigators trained in all aspects of criminal investigations and includes others working in specialized areas which require additional or refined training and expertise. Using current investigative techniques and scientific methods, offenders are identified and processed through the appropriate court system. Also assigned to this Division are Identification Technicians who investigate and secure crime scenes and then locate, collect and process valuable evidence. The entire investigative process relies heavily on the skills, abilities and expertise continuously demonstrated in a cooperative effort by all investigations personnel.

Arrest and Warrant Procedures

When an investigator obtains an arrest warrant for a person in a serious criminal case, that person can be arrested without notice, at any place, and at any time of the day. After the person is arrested and 'booked,' he or she is arraigned in district court. The purpose of the arraignment is for the judge or magistrate to accept a plea from the person, determine the type and amount of bond, and set a date for the next court appearance.

When an investigator obtains an arrest warrant for a lesser criminal case, he or she may, but is not required to, telephone the person for whom he or she holds the warrant and make arrangements for the voluntary surrender at the police department and walk-in arraignment at the district court. The person is arraigned at the district court where the process described above is followed.

Lost Property

The Police Department makes every attempt to return lost or recovered stolen property. If you have lost a wallet, purse or other valuable, you should make a "Lost Property" Report with this Police Department.

Bad Check Reports

The Police Department will investigate what is commonly referred to as a Bad Check Report if the reporting person is committed to criminal prosecution. First, the "payee" must have made a reasonable attempt to recover funds from the payer, and forwarded to the payer via US Mail a 5 Day Notice certified with return receipt requested. 5 Days Notice forms are available from this Police Department or the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office.

Returning Fingerprints

Bloomfield Township Police Department makes every attempt to return fingerprint cards to all those who are entitled to their return under Michigan law. If you are eligible, you will receive notification by mail at your last known address that you may come into the Police Department during regular business hours to pick up your card. Fingerprints are not returned to third parties except in the case of juveniles, where their fingerprints are returned to a parent or guardian. To request a return, contact the investigator or officer who is assigned to your case or contact the Records Unit at 248-433-7776.


1. Who's assigned to my case?

The patrol officer who took the preliminary police report should have given you your case number or report number. On the first business day following the date you file your police report, you can telephone the Records Unit at 248-433-7776 to find out who has been assigned to your case.

2. How do I add additional information about missing property to my police report?

Notify the investigator assigned to your case. Compile a list of missing property with all identifying information and estimated value.

3. Has there been an arrest or has anyone been charged in my case?

An officer or detective will notify you if an arrest has been made in your case. If there has been an arrest and someone has been charged, you will most likely be subpoenaed for the court proceedings.