The Police Department wants to help you ensure that your home or business is as safe and secure as possible. We offer Premise Surveys and Vacation Notification services as well as recommendations to consider when purchasing an alarm system.  If you have questions about the information presented here, please contact Community Liaison Officer Nick Soley at 248-433-7724.

Alarm System Recommendations

Bloomfield Township ordinance requires that every alarm system be registered. Click here to read the ordinance and to find the application to register your alarm system.

Installing a quality alarm system for your home or business, and using it properly, can effectively improve the security of your property. 'Quality' does not necessarily mean the most expensive, either. When researching alarm companies, look for those that offer the following:

  • National recognition
  • U.L.O. certification of equipment and central monitoring station
  • Licensed by the State of Michigan
  • Insured and bonded (get proof)
  • 24 hour monitoring (see if a guarantee is available that monitoring rates will not go up)
  • Service for the system. Beware that some alarm companies will try to get you to sign a separate 'service contract' that will cost you money every month above and beyond what you will already be paying. If they suggest you will need this, perhaps their equipment isn't that reliable? Reputable companies should offer a warrantee for the equipment and installation free of charge.
  • Avoid purchasing an alarm system sold “out of the trunk” of someone’s car, (there are many alarm companies that come and go).  Also, be on your guard that an alarm company might try to sell you more alarm system than you realistically need. Remember, many alarm company salespeople are paid on commission and are highly motivated to sell you every option available. They may use aggressive sales tactics. Always get estimates from at least three different alarm companies before making your final decision.

A homeowner thinking about having an alarm system installed should consider the following options:

  • Sensors for all exterior doors, including pedestrian doors on the garage and the door leading from the garage into the home
  • Glass breakage/shock sensors for ground-level windows
  • Motion detectors for the interior of the home
  • Control panels installed at the most commonly used entrance and in the master bedroom
  • Panic buttons which summon police / EMS / fire
  • Keychain fob, similar to a car alarm remote, to activate and de-activate the alarm
  • Smoke / fire sensors

Another good source of information concerning alarm companies are the many consumers' publications that compare goods and services. Look for a good apples-to-apples comparison from a third, independent party.