Welcome to the Bloomfield Township Clerk’s Office!

Bloomfield Clerk's Office Employees

Tom Hayes, Administrative Assistant; Catarina Yankey, Election Specialist; Martin Brook, Clerk; 
Deana Mondock, Deputy Clerk; Sean Mueller, Clerk’s Assistant

The Clerk is responsible to:

  1. Administer federal, state, and local elections in the Township;
  2. Perform the Secretary function to the Board of Trustees and Township Lake Boards in accordance with legal requirements and in the spirit of openness and transparency;
  3. Keep official records, including certification of Board of Trustee Resolutions and Ordinances and administer oaths of office for elected and appointed officials;
  4. Account for Township funds; and
  5. Provide resident services such as coordinate FOIAs, assist with passport applications, notarize documents and process/issue various licenses and permits.

The Clerk’s election responsibilities are not just an Election Day activity. Go to the Clerk’s Office Voting and Elections page for questions and/or assistance with voter registration, absentee voting, adding your name to the permanent absentee voter list, and information about running for election to local office.  Additional election information can be obtained from the Secretary of State  and the Oakland County Elections Office.

With everything we do, openness and transparency are on the top of our minds.  To accomplish this priority, the Township posts important notices and information on its website. We also have the following mechanisms to push information out to interested persons.

  1. If you want to receive immediate email notification whenever we issue Meeting Notices, Agendas, and Packets for meetings of the Board of Trustees, and other Boards and Commissions, sign up here
  2. If you want to receive weekly emails about important events, including information about Board/Commission meetings, sign-up for the Township eNewsletter here
  3. Another way to keep up to date is to follow the Township social media where we publicize meetings and important information on Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor.
  4. To learn how to watch Township meetings, attend meetings, and/or to comment to the public body, visit the Public Meetings page.