Confirmed Residency Definition

A resident is a person who pays residential property taxes or resides in Bloomfield Township.

Proof of residency is required. A driver’s license, state ID, Township residential tax bill or current residential lease agreement are all valid forms of proof of residency. Once residency has been confirmed, BTSS staff will create a profile in our registration software. Please call 248-723-3500 or visit the center and we will assist you in doing this.

Concerns regarding residency questions may be submitted for appeal. The Township Supervisor, Township Clerk and Senior Services Director will review pertinent information.

Bloomfield Township Confirmed Resident Photo ID Badges

Don't forget to get your photo taken for BTSS ID Badges. The badges are for all Confirmed Residents of Bloomfield Township ages 50+ who participate at the Bloomfield Township Senior Center. The ID Badge is required for each visit and supports documentation and use of the Senior Center.

How do you get your badge?

  1. Stop by the Lower Level reception desk during regular business hours to have your photo taken.
  2. You will be notified when your photo ID badge is available for pick up at the Main Level reception desk.
  3. The badges are part of a Point Of Sale scan system which allows BTSS to record attendance when you scan your badge each time you enter the center.

Questions? Call BTSS at 248-723-3500.

Nonresident Participation in Classes, Travel and Events

Nonresident participation is available in many classes, travel and events, but always give priority to residents.

Drop-in activities are reserved for residents and their guests.

The $10 nonresident fee is in addition to the regular trip, class or event fee.

The fitness equipment and open swim programs are reserved for residents only.

While our highest priority is to serve Bloomfield Township residents, allowing nonresident participation will at times maintain programs, retain instructors and increase revenue.

BT Resident Priority Registration

Upgrades to our online registration program now provide a “Priority Registration” period for confirmed Bloomfield Township residents.

Registration during the first two weeks following the release of each newsletter will be reserved for residents who have confirmed their residency in person at the center.

This change addresses the goal of serving Township taxpayers with priority as requested by our Township Board. Confirmed residents will have the first opportunity to register for their preferred programs.

Once the priority registration period has ended registration for many programs will be opened up to all BTSS participants.