Storm Water Discharge Reporting

The Township’s Illicit Discharge Elimination Plan has identified storm outfalls to the Rouge River and tributaries. Illicit discharges and connections are investigated as identified though reported concerns and regular inspections.

An illicit discharge is any discharge of polluting material into a storm sewer, river, stream or other waterway.

An illicit connection is an improper physical connection of illicit discharges to the storm water drainage system. Examples include: a floor drain that is connected to storm drain rather than a sanitary sewer, a septic tank discharge pipe that is connected to a storm drain or drains directly to a waterway or an improper connection between a storm sewer and sanitary sewer.

The Township encourages citizens to report any suspicious observations that may affect our waterways in negative ways. Please contact one of the agencies below to report and/or ask questions regarding any of the following topics, your concern will be forwarded to the appropriate agencies for investigation:

  • leaking septic systems
  • suspicious dumping – commercial, residential yard wastes, oil & antifreeze car wastes, animal wastes and/or other wastes
  • dead or stressed fish or animals
  • sedimentation
  • unusual or suspicious discharge in a catch basin or waterway
  • runoff from storage piles
  • illegal pumping from waterways: see Riparian Rights for information
  • foreign odors

Contact Numbers

Bloomfield Township Engineering & Environmental Services Department 248-594-2800 or send an Email

Oakland County 24-hour Environmental Hotline

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Pollution Emergency Alert System (PEAS)

State of Michigan Environmental Assistance Division