Bloomfield Township adopted the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) to manage residential and commercial property conditions that affect health and safety and to protect property values through the elimination of blight such as vacant structures, dilapidated buildings, junk cars, and common public nuisances such as high grass and trash accumulations.
The IPMC requires owners to maintain their property and addresses three basic areas:

  • Grounds - Grass has to be kept under eight (8) inches tall, and landscaped areas maintained and free from overgrowth. Pools and pool covers must be kept clean and free of stagnant water.
  • Inoperable/Unregistered Vehicles - No inoperable or unregistered vehicles are permitted on the property, except in a garage.
  • Buildings - The code outlines requirements for exterior building issues such as missing, damaged, or rotted boards, sagging roofs, blistered or peeling paint, porch steps and handrails. This includes outbuildings as well as the main residence or commercial business, both for multi-family and single family dwellings. There are also requirements for rodent and pest control.

2015 International Property Maintenance Code 

Residential Property Maintenance Pamphlet

Property Maintenance Board of Appeals

Any appeal related to the provisions of this code must be processed with the appeal application.

Property Maintenance Guide