PDFAdopted Bloomfield Zoning Ordinance
Amended through June 2, 2024.

Bloomfield Township was one of the first in the State to transform its traditional zoning ordinances into a concise, user-friendly, and highly-illustrated digital format known as Clearzoning. Clearzoning transforms municipal codes into visually appealing, digital documents that better communicate ordinance regulations. This is one of many tools the Township uses to attract and facilitate new development and redevelopment.

By simply clicking on one page of an online ordinance instead of thumbing through many references addressing multiple zoning districts, a developer can, for example, determine where a new office building could be built. Or, for individuals, a homeowner could find out how large an addition can be. Then, with one more click, the setback, area and height regulations for that district are displayed in both text and graphic form.

Residents please note…
If you are thinking of renovating, remodeling or building a new home or accessory structure, please contact your subdivision association to determine whether the subdivision deeds, conditions, and restrictions apply to your residential project. In some cases, they may be different or more restrictive than those covered under the Township Zoning Ordinances and state building codes. Deed restrictions are privately regulated and enforced by the subdivision association and not the Township. PDFClick here to view the Residential Construction in Bloomfield Township Brochure.

In 2016, Clearzoning merged with Giffels Webster to expand the planning services offered to municipalities by also offering a multi-disciplinary approach to include architecture, civil engineering, surveying, and landscape architecture.

PDF Zoning Map

New Zoning Ordinance Amendments

PDFZoning Ordinance 678 - Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance for Site Standards for Ground Mechanical and Electrical Equipment
Effective June 2, 2024

PDFZoning Ordinance 676 – Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Amendment
Effective April 30, 2023

PDFZoning Ordinance 675 – Pergolas and Fountains Amendment
Effective April 30, 2023

PDFZoning Ordinance 669 – Rezoning Request
Effective May 30, 2021

PDFZoning Ordinance 667 - Amending the Definition of Wireless Communication Facilities
Effective January 24, 2021

PDFZoning Ordinance 665: Basketball Apparatus and Play Structures on Single Family Lots
Effective September 13, 2020

PDFZoning Ordinance 666: Rezoning 1675 Telegraph Road
Effective: March 15, 2020

PDFZoning Ordinance 663: General Exceptions for Patios and Paved Terraces
Effective: August 11, 2019

PDFZoning Ordinance 660: Tobacco Stores, Smoke Shops, and Body Art Facilities
Effective: August 11, 2019

PDFZoning Ordinance 653: Short-Term Rental
Effective: January 27, 2019

PDFZoning Ordinance 652: O-1 Office Districts
Effective: February 3, 2019

PDFZoning Ordinance 651: Squirrel Road and South Boulevard
Effective: August 26, 2018