Dump TruckThe Bloomfield Township Public Works Department provides a wide range of services not offered by other townships. It maintains over 200 miles of subdivision roads. The following responsibilities are among the Department's duties.

Road Funding 

Bloomfield Township is the only township in the state that directly provides road maintenance to its residents.

In the late 1960s, at the request of the Township, PA 51 was adjusted to allow us to enter into a contractual agreement with Oakland County to take over the surface maintenance and repair of our own subdivision roads. The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) retained maintenance responsibility for all thoroughfares other than subdivision roads. RCOC also is responsible for all signage, drainage, and anything outside of the roads surface on all subdivision roads. Additionally, the RCOC maintained legal jurisdiction over all the roadways within the Township.

A condition of this agreement mandated that Bloomfield Township pass a special one-mil millage for the maintenance of subdivision roads. We cannot use PA 51 funding for the replacement or reconstruction of subdivision roads, or for the paving of gravel roads. The reasoning was - and still is today - that local roads only benefit residents in that specific area. Subdivision roads do not provide a thoroughfare for general traffic, so state funding from PA 51 cannot provide for their improvement.

For road replacement or reconstruction projects in subdivisions, the creation of a Special Assessment District (SAD) is necessary. This puts the responsibility of the subdivision roads on the homeowners in each subdivision. 

For more details on road funding in Bloomfield Township visit our Funding page.