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general ordinances

If you have an Ordinance question, complaint or comment, there are several ways to contact the Ordinance Division:
Phone 248-594-2845
Submit a  Form by Fax 248-433-7729
Submit an Online Form by Email
The Ordinance Division will respond to you as soon as possible.

The Bloomfield Township Board of Trustees proudly presents to our residents a codified code of ordinances. The codification process allowed compilation of all of the hundreds of ordinances that existed into a single codified code.  By selecting the link below, you can search and review the entire code by word or by phrase.  We trust that you will find this to be a practical and efficient tool.

Code of Ordinances

General Ordinance Amendments

To request a new or revised ordinance, submit your request and supporting information to Supervisor.

The list below identifies recent amendments to the Bloomfield Township Code of Ordinances for all chapters except Chapter 42, Zoning. For a list of recent Chapter 42, Zoning Ordinance Amendments, please click here

 Ordinance 677 – Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Ordinance Amendment
Ordinance 674 - Water and Sewer Rates and Charges Ordinance Amendment
 Ordinance 673 - Land Division, Subdivisions and Engineering Design and Standards Ordinance Amendment
 Ordinance 672 – Fireworks Ordinance Amendment
Ordinance 671 - Solicitation Ordinance Amendment
 Ordinance 670 - Solicitation Ordinance Amendment
 Ordinance 668 - Small Cell Wireless Communication Facilities
 Ordinance 662 - Water and Sewer Updates
 Ordinance 661 - Amending Chapter 4: Alarm Systems
 Ordinance 659 - Adopting the 2018 Edition of the International Fire Code
 Ordinance 658 - Recreational Marihuana
 Ordinance 657 - Tobacco, Vapor, Alternative Nicotine Products, and Marihuana
 Ordinance 656 - Parking Restrictions at Local Schools
 Ordinance 655 - Prohibition of Marihuana Establishments
 Ordinance 654 - Regulating Wireless Facilities in the Right-of-Way

Proposed New or Revised General Ordinances

Watercraft Restrictions, Proposal to Amend Section 40-23

The Bloomfield Township Board of Trustees is examining an amendment to this existing ordinance that regulates boating on certain lakes in the Township.  The intent of the proposed ordinances is to update the current restrictions in order to maintain the status quo in light of dramatic technological change. Maintaining the status quo means expanding restrictions beyond “motorboats” to also include high-powered electric-propelled watercraft and to preclude speeds above no wake speeds and/or 10mph. 
Last winter, the Township Board held Public Hearings during which these ordinances were discussed. 
 Proposed Watercraft Ordinances
In order for Bloomfield to adopt the proposed ordinances that regulate watercraft on a lake in the Township, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (“DNR”) must approve.  The DNR will issue an initial assessment and conduct formal Public Hearings in our community.  The timing for issuance of the initial assessment and scheduling of the Public Hearings is set by the DNR.
This is a summary of the ordinances, the project, and upcoming steps.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Clerk’s Department at (248) 433-7702.  If you cannot attend, but have a comment to pass along to the DNR, please email

Updated: March 9, 2023