Job Description


To perform a variety of manual labor work including heavy manual labor for extended periods of time involved in Water, Road, Building Maintenance, and Grounds Departments.


Work is performed under immediate supervision of an employee of a higher class.


  • Perform any of a variety of tasks involving physical strength and agility, such as break concrete, shovel asphalt, cut out and lay sod, clean up roadside litter, sweep streets, sidewalks, rake lawns, trim trees and brush, mow grass, dig holes and trenches, read meters or other tasks identified by Bloomfield Township
  • Mow, trim and water turf; prune trees and shrubs; apply weed control, fertilizer and disease control to lawns; plant and maintain flowers, weed shrubbery beds as well as performing other related work as assigned
  • Fill holes in streets with asphalt and gravel.
  • Shovel snow, dirt & other materials
  • Perform building, grounds and equipment maintenance and cleaning work.
  • Cut brush along roads.
  • Paint buildings and equipment.
  • Operate pickup trucks or light power driven equipment such as air hammers, chain saws, power mowers, plows, roto tillers and other equipment and tools.
  • Load materials into trucks.
  • Plow and salt streets, parking lots and sidewalks.
  • Ability to engage in heavy manual labor for extended periods, in all types of weather and under various working conditions.
  • Place and remove road barricades and flares.
  • Mix and pour cement.
  • Wash and clean equipment.
  • Complete daily time sheets.
  • Perform other essential tasks as identified by Bloomfield Township.


  • Make parts runs for Motor Pool.
  • Assist mechanics in making vehicle repairs
  • Wash and clean administrative and other vehicles.
  • Respond to routine citizen complaints.
  • Attend meetings and classes as identified by Bloomfield Township.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Bloomfield Township administrators.


  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions
  • Ability to perform heavy manual labor for extended periods, in all types of weather and under various working conditions.
  • Mechanically inclined.
  • Ability to work effectively and establish good working relationships with other employees.
  • Ability to work effectively with the general public.
  • Good traffic record.
  • Meet the physical and mental requirements as established by a licensed physician and/or psychologist selected by Bloomfield Township.


  • Must maintain a valid Michigan Driver’s License.

How To Apply

Please submit to:
Noah E. Mehalski
Superintendent of Public Works
Bloomfield Township
Department of Public Works
4200 Telegraph Rd, P.O. Box 489
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303
Applications can be emailed to:

PDFEmployment Application

Additional Information

This is not a union position.