The latest addition to the Bloomfield Community Television catalog is Building Together, hosted by former Bloomfield Township Supervisor Leo Savoie. This new series is dedicated to offering a behind-the-scenes look at the rebuilding process for the Oakland Hills Country Club. The historic building was engulfed in a massive fire in February of 2022. As Savoie states, “Oakland Hills plays an instrumental role in the history of Bloomfield Township.”

The first episode is an in-depth discussion with Police Chief James Gallagher and Fire Chief John LeRoy. Each has their own perspective on what transpired that fateful day. Chief LeRoy recounted, “Once the fire call went out on the radio, first responders from all-around made their way to the site. First, because everyone knows the age of the structure and how potentially hazardous a fire could be. Second, people in this area all seem to have some sort of connection to the history of Oakland Hills.”

Chief Gallagher added, “it was really a tale of two fires. There was the front portion which seemed pretty manageable and then you walked around to the back and just saw how it was a really serious situation.” Additionally, the weather was an ever-changing factor on the day with temperatures starting in mid-40s soon to be followed by a sharp dip down to the teens, coupled with two inches of snow.
Future episodes will be dedicated to the rebuilding of the facilities at Oakland Hills and the coordinated efforts among the Township, Planning, Building and Ordinance Department, the club, builders and architects.

“I grew up in Bloomfield Township, so I have a special connection to this community,” said Patti Voelker, Director of Planning, Building and Ordinance for the Township. “Oakland Hills is known throughout the world so the interest is far reaching,” she added.

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