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Online Payments


The Bloomfield Township Treasurer’s Office processes payments for:

  • Real and personal property tax statements
Click here for Tax Payment Options.
  • Water & Sewer quarterly billing
Click here for Water & Sewer Bill or Special Assessment Payment Options.
  • General revenue billing

Click here for Planning, Clerk's Office, and Tap and Meter Fee Payment Options.

Clerk's Office

Online payments are accepted for:
  • Auction Application
  • Fireworks Display Permit Application
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • Joint Wetland & Floodplain Permit Application
  • Liquor License Application (Township fees only)
  • Raffle, Bingo, Millionaire Party & Charity Game License (Township fees only)
  • Request Form for Voter Information
  • Right of Way (ROW) Application
  • Solicitation Permit Application
You must call the Clerk's Office at 248-433-7702 to obtain a valid receipt number before using the Online Payment Form.

Building Division

Building Division fees may be paid by credit card online at BS&A.

Planning Division

Planning Division fees may be paid by credit card by using the Planning Division's Online Payment Form.
You must call the Planning Division at 248-433-7795 to obtain a valid receipt number before paying online.

Tap and Meter Fees - Water and Sewer Division

Credit card payments for new construction water and sewer fees, secondary meters and escrow deposits can be made using the online Payment Form.
You must call the Water Division at 248-594-2800 to obtain a valid receipt number before paying online.

Priority Waste

Click here for Waste Hauling Online Bill Payment or visit our Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste page for more details.

Police Department

Payments for services such as alarm registrations/fees, clearance letters and FOIA/Discovery requests can be made here.