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Police Department Forms

We have made available a few Police Department forms for your convenience. 

Extra Eyes Camera Registration 

The Extra Eyes program that allows residents and businesses to register their video surveillance systems will help the Police Department locate possible video evidence after a crime has been committed. Download and fill out the  Extra Eyes Registration Form to register your surveillance system. 

Alarm Systems

Bloomfield Township ordinance requires that every alarm system be registered. Read the alarm ordinance and complete the form.
 Print the application to register your alarm system.
Alarm Systems Code and Ordinance

Vacation Notification

Whether you’re heading for warmer weather down south or a vacation up north, before you leave please let us know when you’ll be departing and returning. Download and fill out the Vacation Notification Form and submit it via email to the Community Relations Officer. Officers will periodically check the exterior of our residence while you are away. You may also call the Police Department at 248-433-7755 to submit a Vacation Notification.