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The Bloomfield Township Water & Sewer Division is responsible for distributing safe drinking water to more than 14,000 customers. Drinking water is treated, tested and monitored on a continuous basis to ensure that it meets or exceeds all federally mandated requirements governing its quality.

The Bloomfield Township Water & Sewer Division is also responsible for collecting sewage from more than 12,000 homes and businesses. The department maintains the sewers and operates 10 sewage-pumping stations which have been newly upgraded to ensure continuous operation.

The Water & Sewer Division does the following to ensure quality services:

Water Supply

  • Maintains positive operating pressure over approximately 280 miles of public water mains that range in diameters from 6 to 24 inches
  • Performs emergency repairs on public water mains as necessary
  • Repairs fire hydrants
  • Repairs operating valves
  • Installs new water service connections to property lines
  • Locates underground pipes from Miss Dig
  • Collects water samples for testing

Sewage Collection

  • Maintains over 210 miles of sewer pipes to ensure sewage to flow freely by gravity
  • Inspects and repairs sanitary sewer manholes
  • Performs necessary emergency repairs of sewer pipes
  • Cleans public sewers with vactor truck
  • Internally inspects public sewers with video equipment
  • Maintains pumping facilities for continuous operations

Water Supply and Sewage Collection FAQ                  Sewer-(2).jpg

1. If a pipe bursts in my house, how do I turn the water off?

A shut-off valve is located where the water service enters the house and another valve immediately after the meter. We recommend exercising these valves once a year to insure that the valve operates during an emergency. If the water cannot be shut-off in the house, then the department can shut off the main valve outside at the property line.

2. We are leaving for the winter. What should we do with our water?

We recommend whenever the house is to be vacant for a lengthy period, especially in the winter, that the main water service to the house be shut-off at the meter and the water be drained from the plumbing inside the house.

3. Do you have any information on septic/wells? Location?

Septic and well installations are permitted by the Oakland County Health Division, phone 248-858-1312.

4. Is water and/or sewer available?

If you are currently on well or septic and wish to connect to the public system then you can contact the Water & Sewer Division to check if these services are available to your property.

5. How can water or sewer be made available to serve my property?

Water and sewer mains can typically be extended to serve established areas by means of a special assessment that has been petitioned for by the property owners in the area to be served.

Sewer Back-up Information

Upon discovery of an overflow or sanitary backup, immediately contact the Water and Sewer Division by calling 248-594-2800 weekdays between the hours of 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM, Monday - Thursday. After business hours, during weekends and on holidays, call the Emergency Water and Sewer line at 248-433-7730.

Read more information about causes and prevention of sewer back-ups.