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Elections Q/A with the Township Clerk, Martin Brook

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Who handles elections in Bloomfield Township?

The Clerk and Clerk's office staff is responsible for administering elections. The team comprises Clerk Martin Brook, Deputy Clerk Deana Mondock, Elections Specialist Caterina Yankey, Absentee Ballot Coordinator Diane Perkins, Elections Technician Dave Crouch, Administrative Assistant Tom Hayes, and Clerk's Assistant Sean Mueller. Each member of the team completed elections training, attends ongoing training programs, and passed a test to receive their Election Accreditation. In addition, more than 200 Bloomfield Township residents join the team around elections and on Election Day to work in the Clerk's Office or in the precincts. 



Why  am I receiving so many applications for an absentee ballot in the mail? Is that legal?

Nearly all applications in your mailbox are from individuals, party organizations, or other advocacy groups. Election law does not limit the ability of individuals or groups to mail absentee applications to anyone.
The Township Clerk's Office sends one application per election cycle to a registered voter who has requested this service. Submitting more than one application for an absentee ballot will never result in the Clerk's Office sending more than one ballot.



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Why did I receive an application for an absentee ballot in the mail when I am already on the permanent absentee voter list?

The permanent list means you receive an application automatically, not the ballot. No absentee ballot is issued (whether by mail or in person) without the individual completing an application. This two-step process is an important feature of election security and is required by law. At both the application and ballot issuance steps, we verify that the request is valid and we confirm identity. This is done by comparison of signatures. Beyond signature verification, identity is confirmed in one of two ways. If we mail the ballot, we use the registered address that conforms with the drivers’ license address (we cannot mail a ballot to an alternative residential address inside the Township). If the absentee ballot is picked-up in person, we must see identification in the same manner as a person voting in a precinct. 

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Who can vote absentee and how do I get an absentee ballot?

Absentee voting is available to any registered voter in the state. No reason is required. The first step is to complete a written request to receive an application. This request is available online at the Michigan Secretary of State website or by completing the request available here.  Once we receive this request, we will send you the application in the mail to your registered address. The completed application can be returned by US mail, by dropping it off, or by emailing it to You can also request to be on the permanent absentee list by calling 248-433-7702 or by email to

But remember, being on the permanent list means you will automatically receive an application to vote absentee. We do not automatically send you the ballot.


Can I track my absentee ballot application and absentee ballot to be sure it is processed?

Yes you can. We closely track the AV process and you can learn about the status of your ballot.  We record AV activity for each voter in the Qualified Voter File.  When an application is sent, when the application is received, when the ballot is sent and when the ballot is received.  You can check this information online at the Michigan Voter Information Center.  Go to the website below. You can also ask us directly by calling (248) 433-7702 or emailing and we will respond.  On Election Day, we know your ballot was counted because we report the number of ballots received to the Absentee Counting Board.  They ensure that the number of ballots counted equals ballots received.  No less and no more.


Ask the Clerk - What Have You Done About Election Security Since 2020? from Bloomfield Township 2 on Vimeo.

What Have You Done About Election Security Since 2020?

I can assure you that elections in Michigan were and remain secure.  The systems, procedures, and process in place ensure that mass voter fraud won’t succeed.  But, just like everything else in life, some people don’t know the rules and sometimes people make mistakes.  Rest assured, however, that our procedures watch for mistakes and check for misinformed voters.  But of course, there are always opportunities to improve.  Here is what we have done.  First, we have intensified our review of the registration records by implementing a process to check these against tax homestead changes and returned township mail. Simply put, citizens should vote where they live and our reviews are intended to remind people of their obligations. But, no one is cancelled outright and each person is given notice and an opportunity to respond.  Second, we purchased locking security cabinets for voted absentee ballots.  This simplifies and improves the physical security of voted ballots while they wait to be counted. Third, as of this August election, only sworn Clerk staff handle voted ballots.  Only me or my staff pick up Township mail and only me or my staff have access to empty the lobby drop box.  Fourth, we document the chain-of-custody for each voted ballot. In summary, Voting is secure - and it stays that way because Michigan elections officials at all levels constantly review and improve our systems, procedures, and processes.


When is My AV Ballot Due?

As long as the Clerk’s office receives your absentee ballot by 8pm on election day, it will be counted. But, don’t delay!  My team is working all day, every day, to process absentee ballots.  We are ready to process yours today!  If you wait, this only makes counting on election day go longer and also extends the time that election results are known. So, please don’t delay.  When you receive your absentee ballot, do your research, vote the ballot, and return it to my office.