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Program Development Process

Persons interested in producing a show at BCTV must first attend a Volunteer Workshop. Program proposals may be submitted to BCTV at any time; however, the prospective producer’s proposal will not be considered by the Program Development Committee until that person has attended a Workshop.

The Program Development Committee comprises one or two residents of Bloomfield Township and Bloomfield Hills, plus representatives of the Birmingham Area Cable Board. The role of the Committee is to review all proposals submitted to BCTV and to work with each prospective producer to develop programs of high quality. Each prospective producer will meet individually with the Committee to discuss the program proposal. After the meeting takes place, each producer will be assigned to a staff member to work on the practical aspects of creating the show.

Pic-Services-CableControlRoom2.jpgA prospective producer must be a resident of Bloomfield Township, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms or Franklin, or be sponsored by a resident who will be active in the production. For additional information please refer to Cable Policies & Procedures.

 Program Development Proposal Form