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Senior Center to Re-Open November 3 With New Mask Policy

Operation Update:
The Senior Center will be open on Wednesday, November 3, 2021.
The Covid cases last week were limited to the interior administrative offices. No customers spent time in the administrative offices or with the two administrators. We have followed the township protocol for contact tracing, isolation and testing. Had the exposures happened in programs with customers in attendance, it would have been specified and testing encouraged.
With more indoor activities and the approaching holidays, Covid positive cases are growing county wide and within the township. To reduce possible transmission, Bloomfield Township will implement a mask policy on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.
As of Tuesday, November 2, Masks for Employees & Public
1)     Masks will be mandated for all Township employees, regardless of vaccination status.
2)     The public entering the Senior Center will have to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status.
3)     Since the Senior Center is the only building where employees and customers are not always separated by plexiglass, and that opens the close contact issue, this is the only facility where public mask use is mandated.
We thank you in advance for your compliance with this order to reduce transmission through this increase and the winter season.




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