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Requesting Bloomfield Township Public Records Is Now Easier Than Ever!

Bloomfield Township now has an online portal to request public records. “Our aim is to provide the public with a more convenient way to submit and track requests” said Bloomfield Township Clerk Martin Brook.  When the Township works on your request, the portal will keep you updated with email notifications. Within the portal an individual will see their request go through the process from open to close.  If a user creates an account, they will gain additional advantages such as access to their history of requests and responses, including documents provided. 

The portal keeps a record of prior requests that is visible to the public.  When an individual makes a new request, the system detects words and phrases and will alert the user if a prior request contains a match.

Upon the implementation of this portal, Clerk Brook noted that “implementation of this new portal fits our citizen-focused mindset and transparent way of operating.”  

Access the online portal here.


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