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Bloomfield Township Votes in 2023

On Tuesday, November 7th, Bloomfield Township facilitated in-person voting for this year’s November Special Election. On the ballot, was a Bloomfield Hills High School building and site sinking fund millage renewal. The millage was renewed with approximately 68% of the vote. Early voting began on October 28th, with residents having the ability to cast early ballots at two locations. Additionally, residents had the option to vote absentee via the permanent mail ballot list.

In total, there were 132 Early Voters, 5206 Absentee Voters, and 1077 Election Day Voters. Out of a possible total of 23,957 registered voters, turnout was 26.8%.

“The November election was the first time we implemented a couple of significant election law changes,” said Bloomfield Township Clerk Martin Brook. He added, “these new features include the permanent mail ballot and 9-days of early voting. The election and implementation of these new features went smoothly due to collaboration between the State, County, and Township as well as the dedication and hard work of my department staff and the more than 100 community members who work elections.”

The next election date is Tuesday, February 27th, which will be the U.S. Presidential Primary. Additionally, the Bloomfield Township Public Library will be adding a millage renewal to the ballot.

Stay informed of all election matters on the Bloomfield Township website Clerk's Office Voting and Elections Page.


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