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August 2 Primary Election Unofficial Results

Another election is in the books for Bloomfield Township! The unofficial results for the August 2, 2022 Election can be found below:

Preliminary Election Results by Precinct

Preliminary Election Summary

County-wide election results are posted on the Oakland County Elections Division Website

Clerk Martin Brook was delighted to have the privilege to oversee his first election since being elected Clerk in 2020.  “In addition to my staff, 162 local residents came together to make election day possible by their work in the precincts, on the absentee counting board, or receiving board,” said Brook.  “Their dedication, hard work and professionalism set the tone for a successful election day!  We now look forward to the November General Election.”
Of the 38,069 registered voters in Bloomfield Township, 14,358 voted for a 37.7% turnout.  Among those voters, 59.8% of them voted absentee with the remaining 40.2% voting at the precincts.  Turnout was consistent with the 8-year average for midterm primaries, but below the 2020 midterm primary, which saw a 47.79% voter turnout in the Township.
Since Michigan passed proposal 3 in 2018, absentee voting has become the dominant voting method in Bloomfield Township.  This year’s primary saw 60% of voters opting for absentee voting, slightly below the 2020 primary which saw 71% at the height of the pandemic, but well above the 2018 midterm primary, which was 35%.
For more information on the November 8 General Election, visit the Voting and Elections page or contact the Clerk’s Office at 433-7702.


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