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BTPD Is Now Hiring!

When Captain Dan Edwards was looking for his first police job, he sat for the police exam with 99 other candidates for one of four open positions in Bloomfield Township. Thirty years later, he is now leading the recruiting team in a much different hiring landscape. Today’s qualified recruits have their choice of where they want to work and communities are competing for the best talent.

Bloomfield Township is currently looking to fill eleven patrol positions due to retirements and the reinstatement of the traffic unit, which was part of the millage voters approved last August. One of the many features that make Bloomfield Township a desirable destination for candidates is its supportive community.
“Where other cities are cutting back, Township residents continue to be supportive and the passing of the millage demonstrates that. The financial leadership of the Township shows that we are in good fiscal heath overall, and that’s attractive to many candidates,” said Edwards.

Due to the number of potential hires, some officers will be able have seniority earlier than other competing communities, enabling earlier transfer off the midnight 7 PM to 7AM shift new officers typically start on. Edwards, who currently serves as administration captain during the day, said he enjoyed midnights and the camaraderie of the unit was a career highlight for him, in addition to the in-progress calls that appeal to a younger officer.

Following his start as a patrol officer, he spent five years investigating traffic fatalities and serious accidents before being promoted to nights Lieutenant, supervising patrol officers and detectives. In addition to his current role managing recruiting, he trains and mentors officers throughout the ranks and provides community support during large-scale events. Reflecting on his career, Edwards says he appreciates the professionalism of the department and the high standards they set for themselves, “we treat each other and the community with respect,” he said. “We are looking for candidates that will excel in this environment.”

Interested candidates can call 248-433-7750 or visit the Employment Opportunities page.

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