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United States Census 2020

Michigan Counts! Bloomfield Township Counts!

The U.S. Census counts every resident in the United States. The U.S. Constitution mandates that this occur every 10 years. The information the census collects provides state legislatures with population data necessary for legislative redistricting. It also helps determine how federal funding is distributed to states and communities each year, according to the Census Bureau.

It is vital that all residents of Bloomfield Township - adults, children, babies, citizens and non-citizens, homeowners and renters - be counted. In Michigan, more than $675 billion in federal funds, grants, and support to state, counties and communities are based on census data. That translates to $30 billion for Michigan or $1,800 per person per year. That money is spent on schools, hospitals, roads, emergency services, infrastructure and other vital programs. Businesses use Census data to decide where to build factories, offices, and stores which create jobs. Real estate developers use the Census to build new homes and revitalize old neighborhoods. 

On or between March 12-20, 2020, every household will receive an invitation to respond online to the 2020 Census. Some households will also receive paper questionnaires. Reminders will be sent out to households that have not responded later in March and in April. Those who have not responded by late April will be contacted in person by a Census representative.

COVID-19 and the 2020 Census

Census 2020 is still hiring workers. To apply, visit the Census 2020 website.

For more information about Census 2020 click here