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RecyclingBin.jpgGFL Environmental provides each homeowner with an 18-gallon blue plastic bin for the purpose of recycling many household materials. Recyclable items should be set out along with your regular trash. A separate truck will collect them.

As part of the new contract extension with GFL Environmental, Township residents now have the option to request a free 65-gallon recycling cart. The increased capacity allows residents to recycle more while reducing the inconvenience of transporting the smaller bins to the curb. The carts are provided by request only. The first one delivered to each residence will be free. The charge for additional carts will be $75.

To request a cart call GFL Environmental at 844-464-3587.

Residents often have questions about what materials can be recycled, and why other materials cannot. The Recycling Flyer provides detailed information. For additional information on why plastic bags cannot be recycled click here. For information on drop-off locations for recycling plastic bags click here.

Watch the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Recycling Video

MDEQ Recycling 101