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Minor Home Repair

BTSS facilitates the Minor Home Repair program with funding from Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. No fees are payable by homeowners for repairs facilitated in this program. Residents must be 60 years of age or above with a gross annual income per household below $44,000 with one person in the household and $50,250 for 2 persons in the household. Repairs must fit the minor criteria and may not exceed $5,000. Application is required.

BTSS Program staff is available to help residents through the application process and to administer projects through completion. Proof of income will be required.

A few project examples include:

  • Repairs to: furnace, roof, siding, chimney, porch, stairs, electrical, plumbing, water/waste
  • Replace: water heater, disposal, toilet, faucet, light fixtures, entrance doors, locks, handrails, sidewalks, driveways, gutters, weather stripping, garage door
  • Remove: Architectural barriers, large items or debris from/around home, Dangerous tree or limb removal
  • Correct: Single code violation

For projects over $5,000 residents may apply and qualify for home repair under the Oakland County Community and Home Improvement Division Program. For information call toll free: 888-350-0900 ext. 85401.

Comments from residents who have received this service:

“All of the repairs make living here so much easier and more comfortable. All the doors work properly now. Thank you so much.”

“We have been very pleased with your assistance with the program. You have been very thoughtful and efficient in helping us coordinate the minor home repairs.

For questions or application call 248-723-3500.

 Minor Home Repair Guidelines

Financial Assistance Program

As of June 2020 Bloomfield Township has streamlined the process and application form for those residents seeking hardship exemption for property taxes, waiver of solid waste, and Minor Home Repair Community Block Grants. Residents facing financial hardship can now use one form to apply for any or all of the above. 

 Bloomfield Township Financial Assistance Program
 Hardship Exemption Guidelines
 Hardship Exemption Application