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1. How can I get a schedule of programs?Pic-Services-CableControlRoom.jpg

There are two ways: Pick one up from any of several locations around town or go online to check the schedule. Print schedules are distributed each week to the administration offices of Bloomfield Township, Birmingham, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms and Franklin. They are also distributed to the public libraries in Bloomfield Township, Birmingham and Franklin. In addition, they are distributed to The Community House, Birmingham-Bloomfield Art Center, Next and Bloomfield Township Senior Services (BTSS). The schedule is updated online every Monday morning.  Click here to view the current Program Schedule or you can visit the Birmingham Area Cable Board website.

2. What is the process for producing a show for Channel 15?

Please refer to BCTV's Access Policies and Procedures manual.

3. How can I get a community event listed on the Community Bulletin Board?

Send a notice to the Program Manager at Bloomfield Community Television, 4200 Telegraph Road, P.O. Box 489, Bloomfield Township MI 48303-0489. Be sure to include date, time, place and admission charge. You can also submit a request online using our web form! Allow one week for the bulletin board to be updated.

4. How can I get a DVD of a show?

Call or email the studio and ask for a Dub Request Form. When we receive your written request and the handling fee, we will produce a DVD dub for you within seven business days.