DTE Tree Program

Updated February 15, 2017

This document is available to view in PDF format. Letter to DTE Customers
This document is available to view in PDF format. Updated Tree Trimming Map

Memo to the community regarding DTE tree program

Leo SavoieRecently I met with a representative from DTE Energy regarding future tree maintenance around the DTE Energy power lines. DTE Energy has agreed to abandon its ‘ground to sky’ program and return to its traditional trimming tree program.

DTE Energy will begin trimming trees in several areas of Bloomfield Township over the next several months. Please see the maps of the areas to be trimmed within Bloomfield Township. All the trimming will be done by contractors working at DTE Energy’s direction and will be traditional trimming of branches that would interfere with the power lines and have the potential to cause outages in the area. The exception to the traditional trimming is the removal of trees that are deemed necessary due to their size and location to the power lines.

DTE Energy will be mailing a letter to all property owners involved in advance to the work being done. In all cases where trees will be trimmed the DTE Energy contractor will contact the homeowners directly. If no one is home the DTE Energy contractor will hang a contact informational card at the door. In summary the DTE Energy program will consist of identifying the trees as follows:

  • Trees marked with a white dot will be trimmed in the traditional manner.
  • Trees with a red ribbon are slated for removal, and homeowners will be contacted directly by the DTE Energy arborist to discuss the issue with the homeowners before it is removed.

Homeowners are encouraged to contact DTE Energy directly at 313.235.4141 about the upcoming tree trimming work. If there are issues that property owners are having with DTE Energy that are not being resolved to their liking, they can contact Charles Markus , Township EESD Project Coordinator at 248.594.2800 for assistance.

Bloomfield Township wants this process to work well for everyone involved and do the best work possible to keep the power on and preserve the trees within our community.

Leo Savoie,
Township Supervisor

DTE Energy is planning to continue their Tree Trimming Program in Bloomfield Township in 2017.

Attached is a copy of a map of Bloomfield Township showing various areas shaded in green. It is within these areas that tree trimming will take place at some point during the year.

DTE will reach out to property owners along the proposed trim route, using letters, phone calls, knocking on doors, and leaving door hangers if no one is at home.

Customers will be informed about trimming/removals on their property before work begins. DTE does not remove trees without written permission.

This document is available to view in PDF format. DTE Tree Trimming Map
DTE Tree Trimming Process