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For the week of February 19, 2018

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Regular Programming
About You -- Oakland Mediation Center with Charity A. Burke. Host - Ellen Rogers.
Agebusters -- Cardio and Strength Training with Lori Harbour and Sandy Debicki. Provides a 60 minute workout.
Art and Design -- Interviews with local artists working in a variety of media. This Week - LifeBuilders with Larry Johnson. Host - John Sauve
Berkshire Middle School -- February 2018 Berkshire Improv Show
Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber -- Economic Forecast 2018
Birmingham Concert Band -- A Night at the Movies
Birmingham Musicale -- For the Love of Music
Birmingham Republican Women's Club -- Mary Treder Lang, Candidate for Michigan Secretary of State
Birmingham Schools Sports: Boys Basketball -- Boys Basketball 2018, Game 2
Birmingham Schools Sports: Girls Basketball -- Girls Basketball 2018, Game 2
Birmingham Schools Sports: Swim & Dive -- Boys Swim & Dive 2018
Birmingham Youth Assistance -- 37th Annual Kids' Dog Show
Bloomfield Township Public Library -- Chamber Music Concert of 1/19/18
Bloomfield Township -- Board of Trustees Meeting of February 12, 2018
Boomer Health at Home -- That Food is...Poison with Laura Leblanc. Producer - Gregory Jamian,
Bottom Line -- Series addressing matters that affect the quality of life of persons within our community. This Week’s ShowBig Brothers Big Sisters with Jay Alexander. Host - Cindy Kainz.
City of Bloomfield Hills -- City Commission Meeting of February 13, 2018.
Community Bulletin Board -- The Community Bulletin Board runs various times throughout the day and over the weekend. Check out what is going on in the community.
Eye on Oakland -- Provides interesting, relevant & timely information about Oakland County's government & politics that will inform, educate & enlighten. This week's Show - Budget and More with Mike McCready. Host - Chuck Moss
Financial Matters with Leslie Persin -- Bankruptcy
Health Talk -- Series focusing on timely health & wellness issues. This Week’s ShowEndoscopic Solutions with Veslav Stecvic and Alicia Rondeau. Host – Dr. Niru Prasad
Impact 100 Metro Detroit -- Growth Works Incorporated; Macomb County Warming Center with Brian Spitsbergen, Kathy Goodrich and Mark Henderson. Host - LInda Kleist.
Interfaith Odyssey -- Celebrates our diversity & promotes understanding between people of different faiths, including their perspectives on current events. This Week’s ShowGovernance Host – Azar Alizadeh.
Living Karma Yoga -- What is an Ayurvedic Cleanse? Host - Nancy McCaochan.
Loose Poodle -- Episode 10 Featuring the Loose Poodles.
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer -- Sunday service; Wednesday service.
Making a Difference at The Community House -- Host - William D. Seklar.
Managing Problems of Daily Living -- A Single Soul with Daniel Syme and Gigi Colombini. Host - Linda Sircus.
Michigan Entrepreneur -- Series highlighting successful entrepreneurs in our community. This Week's Show Westwind Balloon Co. with Scott Lorenz. Host: Tara Kachaturoff.
Patriot Lessons -- Federalist Paper No. 10 Host - Judge Michael Warren.
Plant Based Nutrition -- Fast Food Genocide
Practical Law -- Leading members of the legal community discuss matters of family law, the court system, divorce, criminal defense, etc. This Week - Ethics & Morality in Government with James D. Ross. Host - Henry Gornbein
TCH Women's Club -- Healthy Living Tips
Tough Talk with Taros -- Legislative Update Winter 2018 with Bob Stevenson and Shane Trejo. Host - Paul Taros.
United Homeowners -- 2018 Annual Meeting
Way, The Truth and The Life, The -- Produced by Ken Wade & the Christian Bible Students. Program that focuses on the Bible & the study of its teachings.
We Can Work It Out -- Resolving Divorce Issues: Dividing Marital Propery
Women Officials Network -- Vicki Barnett and Theresa Mungioli
Woodside Bible Church -- Weekly service series.