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The Friendship Club is a community based program dedicated to assisting older adults with progressive memory disorders to maintain their highest level of ability. The stimulating and caring environment is designed to enhance the self-esteem, well being, and dignity of each member through the creation of person-centered programs. This partnership in care giving enables family members to keep their loved one at home, and to provide caregivers with much needed respite.

Activities Programming

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Daily activities are planned to meet each member’s interests and abilities. Our full schedule of activities include:

  • Art & Music Therapy
  • Cooking/baking
  • Gardening
  • Reminiscence therapy
  • Daily exercise
  • Pet visits
  • Intergenerational visits
  • Create new music
  • Life Skills activities
  • New hobbies
  • Pleasant conversation
  • A new confidence
  • Encouragement & care from a compassionate, well-trained staff

Caregiver/Family Services

In addition to the much needed respite provided by the ADS program, caregivers and family members are supported by the following:

  • Caregiver counseling and support.
  • Caregiver resource and community referral information and assistance.
  • Monthly caregiver support group meetings*.
  • Counseling and support for participants provided by a licensed Social Worker

Our caregiver forum is held on the second Monday of each month from 2-3:30 PM, everyone is welcome whether their loved one attends the program or not. Respite care is available for enrolled members.


Q: What is Adult Day Service?

A: Adult Day Service is a specialized program for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease
or a related dementia. BTSS ADS is a community-based, therapeutic program dedicated to assisting older adults living with Alzheimer’s disease and related memory disorders to maintain their highest level of ability. The stimulating and caring environment is designed to enhance the self-esteem, well being, and dignity of each member through the creation of person-centered programs. This partnership in caregiving enables family members to keep their loved ones at home, by providing the much needed respite.

Q: Where is Adult Day Service located?

A: The Bloomfield Township Adult Day Service is located in the Bloomfield Township Senior
Center on 4315 Andover Road, in Bloomfield Township.

Q: Do you have to be a resident of Bloomfield Township?

A: Members of the Friendship Club must be Bloomfield Township residents or their primary
family caregiver must reside in Bloomfield Township.

Q: Is a Doctor’s order required?

A: Yes. There is a health screening summary form that must be complete by the member’s
physician and that will indicate a diagnosis of dementia or related memory impairment.
Additionally, an up-to-date negative TB reading is required.

Q: Are there any other requirements for enrollment in the Friendship Club?

A: Member’s must be at least 50 years old and able to ambulate with assistance of a cane,
walker, or wheelchair. If using a wheelchair—that individual must be able to stand and transfer to use the bathroom with assistance of one person. Individuals must also be able to participate in the program with existing staffing ratios (1 staff to 4 members) and benefit from a structured activities program based on evaluations by a social worker. Members must also be capable of being transported to the program and have financial means to pay fees.

Q: What are the fees? And what do they include?

A: There is an enrollment fee of $100 to be paid prior to the in-home assessment.
Program fees are $70.00 for a half day (4 or less hours) or $80.00 for a full day (4 or more
hours). This fee includes a hot lunch, snacks and a full activities program. There is a re-enrollment fee of $100 for return following a Leave of Absence (LOA).

Q: What are hours of operation?

A: The Friendship Club hours of operation are: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Q: Are meals provided for members?

A: Yes. A hot meal at lunch and an afternoon snack are served daily.

Q: Can special diets be accommodated?

A: The hot lunches are provided by Bloomfield Township Senior Services Home
Delivered Meals program. The menus are approved by the Area Agency on Aging 1-B and can accommodate diabetic diets.

Q: Is transportation available? What is the cost?

A: Transportation is available to and from the Friendship Club. The fee is $12.00 one-way
and $24.00 round trip.

Q: Are other services available for members at the Friendship Club?

A: Showering and personal grooming assistance is available. These services are available at a fee of $30.00 per shower per time and must be pre-arranged. Showers include shampooing and blow-dry. Grooming fees are $10.00 per session.

Q: What activities are offered?

A: The activities and programs offered are designed specifically for individuals living
with dementia and build on each member’s ability and interest. A diverse selection of activities include: creative arts and crafts, board and card games, baking, gardening, reminiscence therapy, pet visits, life-skills activities, exercise programs, intergenerational programs, and group discussions. Additionally, a music specialist visits three times a week.

Q: Are support services offered for family caregivers?

A: Yes. Our “Caregiver Forum” meets the second Monday of every month from 2:00-3:30 pm at the Bloomfield Township Senior Center. This support group is open to anyone that is a caregiver. Other supports for family caregivers include counseling, referrals to other community-based services and training workshop