2013 Township Open House

Little Boy with Fire Mascot Sparky
Open House Photo Album

Blessed by perfect weather, the Bloomfield Township Open House event Sunday, Oct. 13, drew thousands of visitors. They got to see the spectrum of Township operations and enjoy a host of activities, including riding in police cars and hopping aboard DPW and emergency vehicles.

A special transport helicopter from the University of Michigan made a landing on site, and there were plenty of good things to eat. A highlight of the event was a demonstration of a kitchen fire and how quickly it can spread. Firefighters set a sample kitchen ablaze in the Fire Department parking lot.

The event was especially popular with kids who were thrilled to climb aboard the heavy equipment. The Clerk’s Office offered passport services and Bloomfield Cable TV pulled out the cable truck with cameras and monitors.

Smiles ruled the day as everyone seemed to have a great time at the Bloomfield Township Open House.