This document is available to view in PDF format. Listed below are a number of maps in PDF format that we have provided to help you find your way through Bloomfield Township. 


Township Area Map
Township Area Map
Civic Center Map
Civic Center
Township Borders
Bloomfield Township Borders
Street Map
Street Map
Cable Studio Map
Cable Studio
Fire Station Locations Map
Fire Station Locations
Polling Precinct Map
Polling Precincts and Locations
Regional Map
Regional Map
Safety Path Map
Safety Path
Zip Codes Map
Zip Codes
Zoning Map
Zoning Map
Zoning Mixed Use District Map
Zoning - Mixed Use District

We have also provided a map of Bloomfield Township Major Institutions to help you find major locations and addresses.

School Districts

School Districts

This map is to be used for reference only.  For confirmation of the school district for any specific property, contact the school district in question: 

Bloomfield Hills Public Schools
Birmingham Public Schools
Pontiac Public Schools 
Avondale Public Schools

Available Copies

These Township maps are available for purchase from the Clerk's office. Note: Only the standard maps listed below are available for purchase.  Pricing in accordance with Township Map Fee Resolution approved 2-14-05.

Map Title Size Cost
Future Land Use Map 11" x 17" $3.00
Safety Path Map 11" x 17" $3.00
Precinct Map (small) 11" x 17" $3.00
Precinct Map (medium) 18" x 24" $4.50
Precinct Map (large) 24"x 36" $6.00
School Districts (small) 11" x 17" $3.00
School Districts (large) 24" x 36" $6.00
Street Map (small, double sided) 11" x 17" $4.50
Street Map (large) 24" x 36" $6.00
Zip Code Map (letter size) 8 1/2" x 11" $1.00
Zip Code Map (small) 11" x 17" $3.00
Zoning Map 24" x 36" $6.00